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Cricketers are playing Ludo, reading books, watching movies

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Cricketers are playing Ludo, reading books, watching movies

Cricketers are playing Ludo, reading books, watching movies.

Cricketers are playing Ludo, reading books, watching moviesOne of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the Corona virus is to stay at home. Everyone is discouraged to get out unless there is an urgent need. That’s why the government has declared a general holiday. But many do not follow the rule. Rather, you are increasing the risk of coronary infection. But look at the cricketers, since the day their cricket activities were suspended, most players have locked themselves in. Like Mushfiqur Rahim, he keeps his fitness at home. Find out how the rest of the cricketers are spending time –

Mominul Haque
‘Time is falling asleep. Sometimes I spend time with my wife. I go to the Internet on mobile. Watch tv, listen to news No work And to keep fitness fit, I do the exercises that are free hand in the room. That’s how time is running out. Thus, it is very difficult to spend time. Still not going out. ‘

Benign government

‘I just got into the house. I’m not coming out anymore. I took my wife to a big grandfather’s house in Dhanmondi. Don’t let anyone outside come home. Watching news and movies on TV. I play Ludu, play carom with my grandfather, grandmother and wife. This is how everyone is spending time. However, as the coronavirus infection is increasing, I am in extreme panic. I sometimes do free hand exercises in cricket. There is nothing to do.

Mostafizur Rahman
‘Occasionally we go around the blank. And stay home I have been observing pigeons on the roof a long time ago. I now look after the pigeon from home. One day in cricket, I bowled in short runup. And one day I ran three and a half kilometers on the empty road in the village. However, as panic spreads around, there is very little coming out. ‘

Taskin Ahmed
‘Not so much out of the house. I stay at home all day. Occasionally there is a gym with a home, whatever it is to work on fitness. The less you can go to protect yourself and your family from coronavirus infection, the better.

Enamul Haque
‘I’ve been in house arrest for some days. Time is spent praying. Watching movies I’ve been reading a lot of books. Reading three types of books together. One religious book, one on communication, another on motivational type. There is so much time to read books that cricket is not available. Now is the time to use it.

Mehdi Hasan Mirage
“A few days ago we had our first wedding anniversary. Didn’t celebrate because of Corona. The question of inviting someone home does not come up. Somehow time is spent at home. Fitness work was not done that way. One can say that leisure time is at stake.

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