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India has shed all the old shame

India has shed all the old shame

India has shed all the old shameIndia almost forgot about this taste. India have not had the misfortune to lose every match in the Test series since the 20-22 season in Tests. That arrogance against New Zealand was crushed.

Virat Kohli lost the second Test in the middle of the third day against New Zealand on a poor surrender. Not only with this rate, India is returning home with a taste of all the more uncomfortable records.

In the first match against New Zealand, India have not been able to score two hundred. In the second test, he avoided shame. India scored 212 runs in the first innings. In the second innings at Christchurch, they again got sick. The tourists lost only 125 runs. That is, India’s highest score in the entire series is just 282. In India, in two or more Tests, India has never seen such a downfall. Only once in a series has the highest innings been seen less than once. India had the highest score of 5 runs in New Zealand in the 202-1 season.

India scored less than the rest of the innings!

If the highest innings is 212, then it is known that the total run scored throughout the series. So, in this series against New Zealand, India have scored just 8 wickets per wicket. Less than two runs per wicket have been seen only twice. The lowest run is the number of times it has been. In that 202-1 season, India scored just 5 runs per wicket. The Kiwis have not shown any kindness to the Indian batsmen for the hospitality in India in the last 3-5 seasons. India were bowled out for 1.6 runs per wicket.

Kohli’s highest innings in this series is 5 runs. The average of 4 runs in four innings is not fair. The Indian captain has scored an average of 6.5 runs in the series, while Kohli has surpassed the worst series in his career. That too in 20-5. Kohli scored 5 runs in 5 innings at home against Australia. This is the tenth example of Indian captains scoring below an average of ten in any series.

Kohli’s situation when the rest – or how good! Mayank Agarwal was the highest scorer among Indian batsmen in this series. The opener scored three runs in the second innings of the Wellington Test. In India’s cricket history, the highest score was never seen before. There was a series in India that did not have a century.

Yes, it happened on that New Zealand tour.

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