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Moin Khan’s son took the bat in reverse

by Sha id
Moin Khan's son took the bat in reverse

Moin Khan’s son took the bat in reverse

Moin Khan's son took the bat in reverseThe Pakistani audience’s joke about Azam Khan is not today. He is a great father, son of his famous father – so talk about him is going on all the time. Former Pakistan wicketkeeper Moin Khan‘s son Azam is playing in the PSL for the Quetta Gladiators. Azam played an innings to win the team yesterday. Viewers, however, did not bat, but made a mistake. Yesterday, Azam ran away with an upside-down bat to avoid a runout.

Azam is playing great in this year’s PSL. In the first match against Islamabad United won the match by 5 runs. In the middle of the innings, he was dismissed for 5. However, when Azam was taken down against the Karachi Kings yesterday, the quota was needed for a 5-ball 42 to win. In that situation, skipper Sarfraz Ahmed made a pair of 5-ball 5 runs. Could not finish the match, but gave the team 5 runs off 5 balls. He was out after taking the run. However, laughing at 22-year-old Azam with the possibility of another run out.

Azam was on the non-striking end, taking a run at the crucial moment of the match. Seeing that he would not just run, he decided to bring the bat down at the last minute. But the bat that was caught was upside down. As a result, Azam crossed the spot by holding the main edge of the bat down the handle. The laughter on social media has started. Pakistani supporters made fun of him in a tweet. One jokes supporter says, “If the bat is upside down, it won’t run out – the legend of Azam Khan!” Another wrote, “Azam Khan is changing the cricket.” Another supporter used a very conventional phrase, “modern solution to the modern problem.” ‘Another’s saying,’

this boy is on another level.

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