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Pakistani cricketer asked to change rules

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Pakistani cricketer asked to change rules

Pakistani cricketer asked to change rules

Pakistani cricketer asked to change rulesPakistan‘s Javeria Khan was unfortunately run out against South Africa in the Women’s World Cup. Pakistan lost the match in the end. Then the Pakistan captain demanded that the rule be changed

Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainty. The game is exciting because of this uncertainty. There is nothing in the World Cup. Hoot changes the pace of the match, the fate of the team. Catch the Bangladesh-Scotland match at the World Cup. Gavin Hamilton, unfortunately, did not run out in that match as Bangladesh got their first win in the World Cup against Pakistan. I mean, they had to lose in the match against Scotland.

Remember those who watched the match. Scotland needed 5 runs to win. At that moment in the match, Hamilton was unbeaten on 5 runs. Alec Davies’ drive bowler allowed Manzoor Islam to break a non-strike edge stump. Hamilton is out of the spot. His outing changed the course of the match. Bangladesh won the match by 22 runs. That, after a long 20 years, is a source of excitement because of a comment made by Pakistan women’s cricket captain Javeria Khan. Javier wants to abolish the law as Hamilton was out.

He has raised the demand, however, after getting out of his own way.

And the outing was at the most important moment of the match. It is said that Pakistan did not win because of the unfortunate outbreak of Javeria like Hamilton. Parashu lost to South Africa in Sydney by 5 runs.

Pakistan girls were bowled out for a 5-run target. Pakistan needed 12 runs at one point. Skipper Javaria was unbeaten on 5 for 5. In this case, Alia Riaz’s straight drive broke the non-strike edge stump with the Protea Bowler train. Then Javaria came out of the spot to take a run. Who wants such a memory in his hundredth international Twenty20 match!

The fate that Xavieria wants is for no one else. Simply speaking, such a run out law demanded, ‘In my view, this (law) should be excluded from cricket. This has happened before. However, this did not happen at this crucial moment. This is the first. It feels really bad the way I’m out. I had to run to see where the ball goes, I learned. ‘

However, at the crucial moment of the match, Havilton proved that Javieria did not go out that way at first!

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