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Shakib gave salute to doctors, nurses and army

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Shakib gave salute to doctors, nurses and army

Shakib gave salute to doctors, nurses and army.

Shakib gave salute to doctors, nurses and armyThe whole of Bangladesh is fighting against coronavirus. Yet the infection is not being prevented. Every day, somebody gets infected. In addition to the declaration of general leave, the army has so far been taken down the field. Apart from this, there are doctors and nurses, who are working day and night to prevent Corona. Shakib Al Hasan saluted the men who fought.

Coronavirus has also established bases in Bangladesh on the way to China through Europe. According to the information given by the government, four people were killed and four died in Bangladesh. It is certain that the outbreak of the virus will increase. In the meantime, Shakib, who goes to the United States, complies with all the rules. You are in the United States for 5 days volunteering. He had not even met his daughter.

Shakib wrote on his official Facebook page last night, “My salutation to all those who are fighting against this deadly virus to protect all the countrymen.” Thank you to every doctor, nurse, medical and healthcare worker, volunteer, members of the Bangladesh Army and police forces and government officials who have been fighting selflessly and tirelessly. What we can do to help them is to stay home, take the necessary precautions, and help them through this difficult time by following the necessary advice. Only then can we deal with this situation together. May Allah help us all.

Earlier, Shakib had also spoken to foreigners returning to Bangladesh. The star all-rounder said in a live broadcast video on his Facebook page, “If anyone is abroad, it is important to keep yourself at home and watch out for not leaving the house.” At the same time, keep in mind that relatives, laid-back neighbors cannot come and meet you. You have to stay home for 5 days, which is very important

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