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Shakib was kicked out of the field

Shakib was kicked out of the field

Shakib was kicked out of the fieldShakib Al Hasan was also present in the second session of the Mirpur Test at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Mirpur!

Physical presence is not right, as an ambassador for a pharmaceutical company, the left-handed all-rounder was adorned with numerous umbrellas sitting around the field.All the photographs of Shakib’s umbrella were suddenly opened at around 8pm this afternoon. What is the reason for suddenly lifting these umbrellas, even if all the other sponsors have umbrellas around the field? An activist in charge of opening the umbrella said that they had been ordered to remove Shakib because of his photo.

Although the umbrella has been opened

many of the advertisements of Shakib’s ambassador are around the hoarding stadium. The problem is in the picture of Shakib. Jalal Yunus, the head of the BCB‘s media committee, said in the first light, “There may be a reason for Shakib’s image. The venue has some restrictions. During the international match, no campaign can be made with a banned player in the venue. What is the reason, I cannot say right now. However it may be. Maybe there wasn’t much to say when it was on the football field. Probably not in international cricket (advertising campaign).

BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury also said, 'Since there is a ban on Shakib. And this is a test of ICC-approved FTP, which is naturally touchy. We have removed it to avoid any hassle.

Shakib will have to abstain from any cricketing activities for one year due to the ICC‘s ban from last October. He even has restrictions on coming to the field during international matches. However, Shakib’s disappearing presence was seen in the first two days of the Mirpur Test against Zimbabwe, courtesy of an organization.

Whatever the objections of the ICC or the BCB, he did not have the opportunity to make his picture visible in the field.

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