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That is why Australia’s ‘tough’ opponents are Bangladesh girls

by Sha id
That is why Australia's 'tough' opponents are Bangladesh girls

That is why Australia’s ‘tough’ opponents are Bangladesh girls

That is why Australia's 'tough' opponents are Bangladesh girlsAustralia’s thinking about Bangladesh women’s cricket team is a bit more because of the ‘unknown opponent

The last few days have been a very busy time for captain of the Australian women’s cricket team, Rachel Haynes. His busyness is with Salma Khatun-Jahanara Alam. Australia will face Bangladesh today in their crucial match in the women’s T20 World Cup. Prior to this match in Canberra’s Manuka Oval, the main reason for Haines’ busyness was the mystery of Bangladesh as a team. Unbeaten opponents in cricket are a big mystery to any team. Australia has never met Bangladesh at any stage in women’s cricket.

In this age, however, any information can be found at hand for the sake of technology. Despite being an unfamiliar opponent, Australia did not have a lot of momentum to get the information needed to analyze the haircut with Bangladesh women’s cricket team. But even then the talk remains. The Australian women’s team recognizes that it is difficult to penetrate all the secrets of the Bangladesh women’s cricket team because of its ‘unknown opponent‘.

Australia has never played with Bangladesh before – there it is.

Even in the Big Bash, Bangladeshi girls are hardly seen. Even in international cricket, Bangladesh’s girls are not very regular. Australian team analyst Sunny Calier has said, “Bangladesh is different from the way other teams are analyzed in international cricket. Instead, they have to work a little more with the Bangladesh women’s team.

The match is very important for Australia. Although they lost to Sri Lanka in the second match after losing to India in the first match, it would be difficult to go to the semifinals of the host country if any mishap happened today. Australia is now very strongly analyzing Bangladesh. The video of the first match against India in this regard plays a big role. At the same time, the video of Pakistan’s loss to Pakistan in the World Cup and video of Bangladesh’s matches in the World Cup qualifiers in Scotland last year has been of great help to the Australian team.

Thanks to technology in this regard, Haines said, “In this age, the welfare of technology can be analyzed for every player. That’s a good point Before the Manuka Oval match, each of the 4 players from the Australian team has been analyzing every player in Bangladesh. We do this against all opponents.

Bangladesh has to pay a little extra attention – what else!

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