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The last of the match is called ‘invalid’

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The last of the match is called 'invalid'

The last of the match is called ‘invalid’

The last of the match is called 'invalid'Sri Lanka win by 5 wickets in thrilling first ODI against West Indies in Colombo

How close the West Indies were to winning a ODI match in on Sri Lanka's soil in that year! But what if there is no forehead! The Windies lost five wickets to Sri Lanka in the first match of the three-match series in Colombo today.

The end of the match was not too dramatic! Need 4 runs, 4 wickets and 3 balls in Sri Lanka’s hand – In such a situation an invalid ball was pulled to end the match! Sri Lanka‘s last batsman’s hero, Wanidu Hasaranga, took 5 runs off the midweek, but that run was never taken. Hasaranga, who took the second ball of the last over of Kimo Paul’s match, had high waist-high floats! The bat runs are no longer calculated, Sri Lanka’s win is written as no.

Has the drama been less than that before? Sri Lanka lost 5 wickets in the middle-order collapse in reply to West Indies 21. The eighth wicket fell after 5 runs. Sri Lanka needed 20 runs, 2 wickets in hand. But Sri Lanka were able to put on a last-ditch eight-run knock of eight for four in the sixth over.

Starting with the equation that required 20 runs from 20 balls – the pressure was reduced to some extent by two fours by Sheldon Cottrell in the second and third balls of the 7th over. Immediately after that, Hasarangar scored 4 sixes and four fours in his 20 balls. But on the other side of the crease, Sandakan bowled the ball, and then the ball ran at two fours to make it 25, which is why Hasaranga did not want to take the risk. Cottrell-Pauls didn’t even have a chance to take the Fullerts’ run outside of Sloar, off-stump. In the last two overs, the target stands at 5 runs.

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